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I just got into climbing (outdoors) last...

I just got into climbing (outdoors) last month, and up until now I have been borrowing my friends' size 9 in mens or a 7 in mens. The 7 in mens felt like it fit my length well, but it wasn't snug. USUALLY in athletic shoes I wear an 8 or 8.5 in womens. What size would you recommend with these or do you have any other shoes you'd recommend over these?

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If I could make any recommendation, I would absolutely 100% try on a pair of shoes before you make the purchase. My first shoes was the La Sportiva Nago; In casual shoe I wear a 9-9.5, however in the Nago I was a 7. My next pair of shoes was the La Sportiva Muira XS which I wore a 7.5. Overall I would recommend going to a local retail store and trying some on. Then coming home and making the purchase off of backcountry taking advantage of the discounts. Simply purchasing them off of the internet will most likely lead to a return.