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I just got a pair of the blancos in a size...

I just got a pair of the blancos in a size 10, which is half a size smaller than my street shoes. The shoe fits my right foot like a dream, but my slightly bigger left foot is much tighter - almost too uncomfortable.

Does anyone know if these shoes will stretch any? Or should I go half a size larger? I know it's synthetic, but synthetic shoes sometimes stretch too...

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Hey Victor,

You're right, synthetic shoes will stretch a little....probably about 1/4 a size. If the right foot fits perfectly now and the left is too tight, I'd recommend sticking with this current pair. (Fair warning, I usually boulder and wear my shoes so tight it hurts).

If the left is just too tight, you can sometimes buy a different size for your left foot and right foot (dealers will usually charge a few more bucks, but it's worth it to get a good fit). Happy climbing!