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I just bought these. I've skied these...

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I just bought these. I've skied these t1's, the red buckle t1's, and the black grey t1's. These came with a footbed from Scarpa, but with the footbed in I have too much pressure on top of my foot. I do not have a wide foot, so no problem in width. Does anyone have a suggestion on relieving pressure on the top of my foot? I'd like to be able to use a footbed.

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Have you molded the liners yet? If so your only solution is to re-mold without the foot beds. The Intuition foam will actually mold to the underside of your foot and give you a little bit of support.

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I re-molded them and cut out a piece of thick sock to fit over the pressure point. I buckled the buckle over my foot down to the point of pain when remolding. The boot fits perfectly now!

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quiroz- you're supposed to mold the liners with the boots fastened "snug," not tight, and definitely not the point of pain. All that does is pack the liners out. What you should have done is put a toe cap on, and then loosened the top buckles to half the tightness you prefer when skiing, then for the the first half of the mold time, stand in the boots with a 2x4 under the toes of the boots. This helps with heel retention as well as keeping the top of the foot from being squished.
Seriously examine your boot liners to make sure they are not too packed out, since that will decrease their life. If it's all good, then congrats. Good enough.
Paul- that's not the ONLY option, nor is it a very good one.

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Jack Wizo- The first time I molded I went for snug and it ended up too tight on top of my foot. By Molding even tighter I effectively left myself more room on top of my foot. The over tightening of the buckle over my foot to the point of pain was the only way to end up with a mold that didn't cut off circulation when fastening later at the loosest setting. The only other option I would have had was removing my footbed, trimming it down, or removing plastic from the inside sole. The footbed is very thin to begin with, so not much room to trim down, and who wants to grind out plastic. In the end I have a perfectly fit boot, but Scarpa would be wise to add more adjustability to the buckle over the top of the foot. I have it on the loosest setting and It took two days of normal pack out for it to be bearable even after the painful mold.