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I just bought the Analog Gavel jeans and...

I just bought the Analog Gavel jeans and was wondering if Burton "the Jeans" are better? I like the look of the Burton Jeans more but went with the Gavel's because I found them for sale and alot less mula. I was about to return the Gavel's and buy the Burton Jeans but after reading the reviews about them I think I am going to keep the Gavel's. Is the material of the Burton Jeans really that bad and also are the gavels any better?

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Both pants are really similar. The AG Gravels will probably be warmer because they have fleece in the butt and knees, and the material is thicker. The Jeans will be more waterproof (because they're Goretex). You will only notice a waterproof difference when it's really wet out, slushy, or if you're sitting on the snow for a long time.

If I were you, I would stick to the Gravels. You already have them, so exchanging for another almost identical pair of pants might be pointless. Also, the Gravels have better style IMO.