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I herd that this tent has had a problem...

I herd that this tent has had a problem with leaking water over time, and also a problem with the eyelets. have these problems been fixed ? i really want a four season tent but im having a hard time finding one thats not going to suffocate me in the summer, this tent seems like its perfect but im worried that illl have these problems. i don't want to invest that kind of money into a tent that might leek just after a few trips. if im wrong please let me know because i really like this tent but a little concerned about these few issues.

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The Black Diamond Firstlight is supposed to be a great four season tent that's actually useful in both the summer and winter. It's $300, and with the NanoShield material, it's supposed to be both breathable and waterproof. The pole setup is easier, as it doesn't have a cross pole. I believe it's a slightly more budget version of the Bibler I-Tent. If you like this design, the BD Hilight is basically the same thing but with one door and NanoShield instead of ToddTex. As an added bonus, both the Hilight and Firstlight are sub three pounds.