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I have two old pairs of Trak cross country...

I have two old pairs of Trak cross country skis from 1981 time frame. Will these 3 pin boots fit the Trak bndings?

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I, too, am looking for boots to fit my Trak skiis with 3 pin bindings that I have had since 1983. I did a liitle research and found that there are 2 sizes of "3-pin" boots and bindings. There are 50 mm and 75mm. The difference is the width of the tip or "bill" of the boot which rests inside the toe of the binding. The smaller (50mm) is about 1.5 inches in width, the 75 mm is about 2.5 inches. Measure the inside of your binding where the tip of the boot would rest. I found that my bindings are 75 mm. If yours are the same, these boots would fit your 3 pin skiis.

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Pat, You're a blessing. You not only (probably) solved Doug's dilemma, you solved mine as well.
I'm 72 years young next week. Have a beloved old pair of Janvrin 205s and with my equally ancient Artex shoes I'm well into my second hundred miles on them. Darn right shoe separated from its sole the other day just as I started off. All those years of attic heat finally got to the sole glue I guess.. Local shops just laughed when I said I wanted 3 pin shoes. I know 75 MM from nothing. Didn't dare order until I KNEW. Was about to consult on-line conversion charts etc. until I read your post. Yippee!! The old Janvrins are 2.5 inches (plus a bit) wide so I'm ordering now and paying for fast delivery too. Great x-country Winter in Southern NH this year. NOT going to miss it.
Thanks again and good gliding.
Joe Kenick Jr.
Exeter NH