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I have some Movement Flames spec 118,78,108....

I have some Movement Flames spec 118,78,108. Which skin width should I get? I am worried that if I go for 100mm the loop tip will be too small. Do they vary in width? And will the STS fixation work with rounded tails?

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I haven't had issues with the tip adaptors, even on skis with up to 130 tips. Re: width, buy the closest size to your tip, then trim with a razorafter you've applied to your skis. I.e. I recc' buying 110 vs 100s. STS tail clips work fine on rounded tails. Or at least they do for my ANTs.

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I would definitely go with the 110 mm width. You will regret going any skinnier. As far as the STS tail clip and rounded tails they do work but not perfectly... if you have less than perfect skinning technique and you cross you tails on kick turns then you will probably kick the clip off of the tails here and there.