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Gear Question

I have my blutooth But I can't paired with...

I have my blutooth But I can't paired with my new phone and I lost the intructions. Can you send it to me?

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Chare your bluetooth speaker unit for 2.5 hours...check your phone instruction booklet for bluetooth tips, then to pair the phone to the device, go into your phones bluetooth options, and select "search for devices." After that, press and hold the button closest to the speaker for several seconds, until you hear a high-pitched tone. Once you hear the high pitch, your device should have connected to your phone, and you can proceed with making calls. The button you pressed was a multi function button. The other buttons are for volume. I would suggest contact oakley, and see if they have any tips for the device. Also, contact your phone company to see if they can help. Take care!-WB