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I have horses and need a rope that can...

I have horses and need a rope that can stand up to a 1500 lb horse trying to pull as hard as it can to break free. I train horses and they need something that you can bet your life on that they won't break. I've heard that climbing ropes are good because of strength and will stretch a little. What do you recommend?

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Climbing ropes are rated in Kn. The horse's force (1500 lb) would be 6.67kn if it just was hanging off the end of the rope in mid air. since the horse is not typically in mid air, any resistance the horse applies would be in addition to its bulk weight. Dynamic ropes provide the stretch to reduce the force applied to a climber in a fall, and while 'easing' the rope into the pull, repeated falls still require the replacement of a rope. Studies by climbing rope manufactures show with each successive fall the rope's strength is reduced. Look up 'fall factor' if you want more specific information.

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I myself would say it would work temporarily but for the price of the ropes you would probably want to find a stronger rope designed for other things not climbing. BlueWater ropes has one of the strongest climbing ropes but it is a static rope so it will not stretch but I know it can max hold about 7,200 pounds and it would last a while using for many things. I have used the BlueWater 2 static to do a lot including pulling a bus out of ditch and other crazy things so I would suggest that if your going with a climbing rope, just remember its a static not a dynamic so it wont stretch and could hurt the horse if much slack is left but just remember climbing rope is made for climbing.