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I have been running in Montrail Continental...

I have been running in Montrail Continental Divide shoes for about a year, after finding that Montrail Hardrocks are just to disconnected from the trail, due to their amazingly thick cushioning. I also run in Inov-8 Roclite 305 and race in mudrock 280 - and I can feel EVERY grain of dirt. How do these shoes compare? I have a friend in Canada who loves LaSportiva, but I think there may be some selection bias there. . . . Does this shoe offer a best of both worlds of cushioning/protection AND feel on the trail?

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Awesome protection... I feel like you can kick over a tree with these shoes. I've run in both Inov-8s and Montrails so I know where you are coming from. My personal opinion is that these shoes are more similar to Inov-8s. You feel more connected to the trail with these shoes more so than you would with Montrail CDs or Brooks Cascadias, but not to the point where you feel every rock like you said. You do feel the ground more-so than you would with the CDs, but there is still a good amount of cushioning to be comfortable.