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I have and old MSR Firefly stove I bought...

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I have and old MSR Firefly stove I bought in 1984. Will the new Standard or Dragonfly pump assembly work on the Firefly? The old pump melted when it caught on fire due to a fuel leak.

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If you send MSR what's left of your old yellow pump that came with the Firefly, they'll give you a discount on a new one. Call them to set up the details- 800-531-9531

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I'm not a betting person but I'd bet most "Gear Guru's" don't remember the MSR Firefly.

A little history on the firefly. It was first introduced in 1983 with a clear plastic fuel tube which was quickly recalled for obvious reasons. The replacement was the black mesh fuel line which was the same one used on the original WhisperLite. Shortly thereafter, the Firefly was no longer produced. The one's that are still being used are accident's waiting to happen due to fuel leaks similar to what happened to yours. Three years ago I spoke to to MSR regarding this exact subject. They informed the Firefly should not be retrofitted/updated for any reason whatsoever & there was also an upgrade credit available. Like I previously mentioned, this was three years ago & I don't know if this is still an option. It is best to call them directly & explain your situation. The folks @ Cascade Designs are very fair & understanding & I'm sure they will will be happy to work with you.

Please give us an update on your situation. Good luck.

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Yeah, Jeff. I hate that label...most probably weren't even born yet. I just checked, and the option is still available.

Yeah, Jeff. I hate that label...most probably weren't even born yet. I just checked, and the option is still available.
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Phil, Great picture. Remember the little clip on the fuel pump that propped the bottle up so it would draw fuel from the bottom? I sold mine on eBay in 2007 as a COLLECTOR'S ITEM ONLY. NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS A WORKING STOVE!!!

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I gotta give Monte Dodge credit for the photo, but I figured you would get a kick out of it...and laughed myself when I thought back on it. The perfect stove for people who like to play with fire. I'm surprised a stove aficionado like you parted with it. I'm wondering if Tim only melted the pump recently, or if he was going through the attic and decided to see if he could salvage that old stove that he flamed out during the first week he owned it? External frame backpacks with huge sooty aluminum pots hanging from them, Sierra cups, wool mid layers, legally hanging food in bear country...and still managing to survive for all these years.