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I have an old k2 trucker I want to split....

I have an old k2 trucker I want to split. Is there anything that I will need to get out on the snow that this kit does not provide? (other than skins)

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seeing as how normal bindings with a 4x4 baseplate will work on the slider plates, all you'll need for splitting are a pair of collapsible poles like the bd expedition. assuming that you've got the necessary avy gear/knowledge for traveling in the backcountry.

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it has everything you need as long as you already have a board and bindings with the 8 binding plate screws. and like michael mentioned will obviously need your backcountry essentials ie. beacon, shovel, probe, poles, avy awareness etc. As for the kit though, just follow the instructions and all will be golden. i have a few pointers for you before you start if you want. just message me.

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Yeah, you'll also need epoxy for the base.