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I have an oakley jacket that is not just...

I have an oakley jacket that is not just a shell it has thinsulate inside the jacket. I know this helps with re water proofing but wont this make the jacket not be able to breathe anymore? Or will it many just wash it which is what i really want.

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This should be fine for your jacket, the tech wash is designed to be safe on breathable fabrics.

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This is just a wash it will not waterproof. This will increae your breathabilty big time. But I would look into buying the TX Direct Spray on to waterproof the outside shell.

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Hi Austin!
The answers above are correct. Tech Wash is a cleaner that will improve your jacket's breathability. If, after cleaning, you notice that water isn't beading up on the surface of the jacket anymore, it's time to reapply the DWR (durable water repellancy) to the outside using the Tx.Direct spray-on found here:

Thanks for your question! Stay dry!