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I have an PUR Guide Filter/Purifier with...

I have an PUR Guide Filter/Purifier with the old Iodine Filters, and am wondering if I replace the filters with the new filters (w/o Iodine ring) will the water be pure enough to drink straight from the filtration?
Do I need to take some of the purification tablets as well? I'll be spending 8 days in the back-country of Belize and could really help knowing how to handle their water. I've used the PUR Guide here in the states with nothing but great results, but what about there in Belize.

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in rough countries like Mexico or Africa I use my Katadyn Hiker Filter to get the little stuff then I still hit my water with some type of tablet. It just isn't worth the pain of getting sick and losing out on a summit. Get the 30 minute tablets though.

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Rich. Traveled and lived for extended periods in the backcountry of Guatemala, Blue Fields Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica. I used a Katadyn micropur hand pump filter and purified my water with tablets, specifically these tablets. Iodine does not kill cryptosporidium and there is a good deal of it in Central America, along with other things that do not survive the affect of these tablets. But some contaminant bugs disease are attached to small particulate and its best to remove as much of it as you can, then use the pill. The Steripen won't work for your purposes either You'll love being there. It's got great beaches and places to hike. Lots of folks on that gringo trail. Wear your passport and traveler's checks inside your shirt. Cheers!