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I have a question that may be a good one...

I have a question that may be a good one for Jon Webb. I know the differences between the Nitrous Down and the Compressor, but in terms of warmth, can you compare the two?

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Hi! I'm not Jon Webb, but would recommend the Nitrous out of personal experience.

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Thanks for your input!

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dtjdvm. Thanks for the call out and the question. So, the Nitrous Down jacket is insulated with the finest 800-fill gray european goose down. The Compressor is insulated with 120 grams of Thermic Micro which is our synthetic insulation. This is the reason for the overall price difference and gets to what I consider the real question... down vs. synthetic? I would say that the Nitrous is warmer for its overall weight being a down coat than the Compressor but both are warm jackets and do their jobs perfectly. Depending on what or how you plan on using the jacket will ultimately dictate which one will work the best for you. I have both and wear both often! So, I might not be the best one to ask :) The argument for down over synthetic basically boils down to the fact that synthetic is warmer when wet (not true as the only thing that is warm when it is wet is a hot tub) but it will maintain its insulative or 'R' value even when wet. Down is warmest for is overall weight and has a greater range temp-wise... but, again both do their jobs perfectly. I hope this answers your question! Cheers!

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I completely agree with Jon Webb.

The compressor jacket has all the benefits of synthetic insulation. If you're layering for a higher-intensity activity where it is cold enough to warrant such insulation, the synthetic may do a better job with the moisture (dissipation/insulation/drying). (Disclaimer: I don't own the compressor jacket. I do have the pants.)

As for the nitrous (which I do have), what it does is deliver incredible heat-to-weight and heat-to-packed-space ratios to keep you warm. It's made of the highest quality down at the highest fill power, but it packs to almost nothing (it packs into its own pocket, and you can tighten that even smaller with rubber bands if you want). It's truly a very high-end, high-quality piece of equipment worthy of the MHW name. Since its so small and light, I bring it with me everywhere in the winter. It's pretty much part of my back pack (just like my rain jacket is during the summer). Whenever I find myself too cold, I can pull this layer out and it fixes the problem. I've also been real popular for having this to lend to others who dressed too lightly for a winter adventure.
Not to sound too "promotional" but the Nitrous is awesome. I love it.