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I have a pair of evolv defy shoes that I...

I have a pair of evolv defy shoes that I really like except for one thing. The smell. I live in a really small apartment and don't have anywhere to keep them outside so I end up keeping then in zip lock bags. I was wondering if these had the same smell problem. Thanks

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I've got a pair of Gallileo, and they don't smell. Not because of the shoe, but because I wash them, regularly. Buy some soap and a fingernail brush, and get to scrubbing!

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Evolv doesn't put extra chemicals in their shoes to keep them from smelling.

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All I know is my Evolv Defy shoes stunk like nothing I had ever smelt as well. Like you said, I loved the shoe but couldn't bear the odor enough to continue using them. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one with the problem concerning that particular shoe.