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I have a Talon 22 that I run with and...

I have a Talon 22 that I run with and thoroughly enjoy. I would like a computer friendly pack that I could run, walk and bike with. Will this one work?

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It will as long as your Laptop is smaller than about 15 inches. To be on the safe side, I would look at a rain proof cover, as a heavy downpour will surely eventually soak through a bit, no sense losing your lappy to some outdoor wet fun

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I agree with Dwayne above. HOWEVER, there is no protective laptop sleeve in the Talon 22 (not designed for that). But, what I do when I use my Talon 22 for a laptop is throw the coputer in a neoprene sleeve. My favorite is made by Built Designs. Check out the dimentions and make sure its right before you buy one, but they are great.

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This would be a good back for that. If you need to carry a lot of other items like notebooks, textbooks, etc. you could consider a larger pack like the quantum but this should work fine for you. Do note that the hip belt is not as substantial as that on the talon (potentially important for running).