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I have a Nixon D90, and I would like to...

I have a Nixon D90, and I would like to know if this case will fit?

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Best thing to do is measure the body of your D90 and compare it to the [BODY] spec measurements we list. Once you've determined that the body will fit attach a small zone or prime (like a 50mm) to the body and compare the Max Lens and Max Diameter measurements that we list as well.

Fit all depends on the size of the lens you're trying to fit in the pouch really. A D90 is one of Nikon's smaller bodies so I don't anticipate that you would have a problem. To be absolutely sure please measure though.

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For anyone wondering, this won't fit a Nikon D300.Bummer!

Specs from Nikon:
Approx. Dimensions Width 5.8 in. (147mm)
Height 4.5 in. (114mm)
Depth 2.9 in. (74mm)

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D90 will be tight if the product dimensions are 100% usable. You'd have to use a fixed prime lens or a cheap zoom at most.
Approx. Dimensions Width 5.2 in. (132mm)
Height 4.1 in. (103mm)
Depth 3.0 in. (77mm)