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I have a 17'' Mac and just bought the Large...

I have a 17'' Mac and just bought the Large Flapjill Pack. I'm a smaller person. The backpack is really wide for me, and there seems to be a lot of space for my computer to move around. Has anyone tried putting a 17'' MacBook into the smaller pack? Would it work?

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Well I have the FlapJill and use my 15.4" laptop in it--it is a bulky Toshiba so the width and the height of the laptop fits nicely in the pocket. I am assuming your MacBook is much thinner and that is why it is floating around in the FlapJill LG. If that is the case, then give the FlapJill a try as you'll be able to flatten the pocket to be long enough for your MacBook. I'm not 100% certain, but if your MacBook is flopping around a ton in the LG, there should be enough room in regular.