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I had the Hardtop XP 2006 version, which...

I had the Hardtop XP 2006 version, which I adored, but unfortunately they have gotten away from me. Two questions:
1. The 2006 version shipped with two or three sets of lenses: a polarized brown, a clear, and a grey reflex (I think). Is that true with this new product, or does each frame ship with only one set of lenses?
2. Do these have an extra set of arms that have the attached wrap around elastic. The 2006 version did, and I LOVED that feature. If there is a Gear God, please please let that feature still exist on these.
Also, my details about the 2006 are a little hazy, and may be incorrect. Its been some time.

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No interchangeable arms. I loved that feature as well. This item could use an update for what you actually get.