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I had a quick question about these skis....

I had a quick question about these skis. I am from the North East and I am looking for a new pair of skis. I was leaning a toward these turbos because I do take trips out west and I heard they are decent on groomers. I am a former racer and have become more of an all mountain skier since I am done racing but I still love to charge my groomers when I can. I was out at Steamboat early this year for some decent spring skiing and I tried out the K2 Fujas. I liked them but I was not in love. I was wondering if these ride similar to the Fujas? I want something that will charge well and hold an edge on groomers and I also want to be able to take these on some back country and tree runs in the North East. Any help is much appreciated!

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Hey Kud,

If you are a former racer I think you'll prefer these to the Fujas. Similar dimensions, but less rocker (it's nearly zero) and MUCH stiffer. I don't love the Fujas (thought I often recommend them to intermediate skiers looking for an all-mountain option out west b/c they are a softer flex and they can do it all pretty well). The turbos are probably my favorite all-around ski and the only drawback to me is that they aren't suited for people who don't want to drive the shovel like a race ski. That being said, the feel will vary with the mounting point and I've got mine pretty far back since I only go forward. I'm sure they would suit the jibby crowd if you mounted them center.

What did you NOT like about the Fujas? Maybe I can provide a better answer as to whether you'll like these based on that.