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I had a pair of Guide Almighties a few...

I had a pair of Guide Almighties a few years ago, i liked the shoe but the sole really marked up the floor. They would leave scuff marks and if wet, a black residue. Any idea of this is still the case? These had the c4 sole as well.

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I've had no problems with these Five ten Guide approach shoes marking up the floors. I've had mine for a year or two, can't remember. I bought them when they were in their 2nd iteration. I love them for basic climbing, but also as a work shoe. I'm a project manager and go up on pitched roofs, climb trees, and climb multistage scaffolding to inspect, direct, etc in my work world, and these are just awesome. At home I have white Travertine marble flooring in the entries & exits, and the kitchen and bathrooms, and light oak flooring in my office. The house also has pale gray carpet, and I have never had a bit of problem with marks on any of the floor coverings.