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I got this stove to melt snow in subfreezing...

I got this stove to melt snow in subfreezing temperatures. If I use a) white gas or b) car gasoline, what is the approximate fuel consumption? How much snow->water can I melt with, say, the 0.6 lt bottle? If have a regular Ti pot with no heat exchanger.

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The .6 liter bottle will allow you to store about half a liter or 16 ounces (some room has to be left in the bottle for air). There are a lot of variables, including air temps, if you need to boil the water, etc.

With that in mind, a 16 ounce bottle should be enough to melt snow for drinking and boil some more for cooking for 2-3 days for one person. A general rule of thumb for snow melting is 6-8 ounces/person/day. I'd say you could bring about 10 liters of water to a boil from snow or maybe boil 5 liters and melt another 8-10.

Again, these are generalizations. You'll need to experiment and dial it in for your particular circumstances.