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I got a new pair (not from backcountry)...

I got a new pair (not from backcountry) and I found that the shoe looks different from my old pair and the various pictures of the shoe online (even on Five Ten's own website). So I posted a picture for comparison. The left-most picture shows the new logo design on the side of the shoe. The middle picture shows the way that the "stealth onyxx" rubber is written, compared to the orange onyxx lettering found on my old pair and online. The third shows the old design and is the one I have seen online. So the question is, did they redesign the verde at some point or did I get a counterfeit shoe??? :) If they redesigned it, does it still fit the same?

I got a new pair (not from backcountry)...
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Often the photos are taken right before production runs. Often as they make more, the colors change. Its the same with skis and the decals. Not sure why it happens. Also the photos are provided from the manufacturer, not of the products on hand.