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Gear Question

I get about 50 days in skiing the Wasatch,...

I get about 50 days in skiing the Wasatch, inbounds or side country, 50/50. If there's no freshies, I'm making quick turns in narrow chutes or skiing bumps - I'm never burning down groomers or making GS turns... and I'm not really ever in the park.

Would this be a good single-ski-quiver ski for me?

I'm 5'8" 170lbs and turn very aggressively. I think the 188cm is the right size, do you agree.

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The Coombas run 3 cm longer than the stated length, so you are looking at more of a 191. They also have a completely flat tail, so they will ski true to length (unlike twin tips). You don't "burn down groomers or make GS turns" where a longer ski makes sense. But you like "quick turns in narrow chutes or skiing bumps" where a shorter length makes more sense. With your skiing preference and weighing 170lbs it sounds like the 181s or possibly even 174s are a better fit.