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I currently ski 177 Mantras, am 5'10 170...

I currently ski 177 Mantras, am 5'10 170 lbs. Are the 188's the right size here? I know actual ski is less than that due to the rocker, but 188 still seems like a big ski for me. Any thoughts/help would be great

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Hey brendan.ma1803150,

Thanks for the question. If that Mantra feels like a lot of ski for you then the 188 S7 will be a bit too much. If that is the case and you're looking for a more powder/big mountain ski to add to your quiver, I would look to a ski closer to the 182cm to 184cm size.

If those Mantras do feel a bit short for how you ski, then I do think you could pull off a 188 S7 due to the amount of rocker length.

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In my experience, these skis feel much shorter than their actual length. I was on the 188 and felt like I could turn on a dime. As Wally mentioned, these have a lot of rocker.
The S7's are also a softer ski than the Mantra, which will make initiating a turn much easier.
Go with the 188 and obtain happiness.