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I can't decide if the Big Agnes king solomon...

I can't decide if the Big Agnes king solomon double sleeping bad is worth $90 more than the Big Agnes Cabin creek. Other than losing 5 oz. is there really a big advantage with the king solomon that's worth the extra money?

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If you like down there is... compressibility and comfort are probably the two big bonus' with down.

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The difference is that the King Solomon uses down insulation while the Cain Creek uses synthetic. This accounts for the weight difference, but down is also a better insulator (when kept dry). When kept in good condition down insulated bags can last a very long time, while synthetic insulation tends to eventually wear out. The trade off for down is that it's more expensive and isn't warm when wet (like synthetics). That means synthetics tend to be better for damp environments.

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Down vs. Synthetic. No question Down is King! So worth the extra money. This is an item you can have for a longtime. Make the investment.