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I bought this tent at the begining of the...

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I bought this tent at the begining of the summer and have used it once (hot weather). I loved it, my only concern is that I have read reviews that say the tent has leaked. Before buying the tent I did a ton of research and looked at almost every family tent out their. I thought I got the best one available, but I have read reviews that have said the tent leaked. I was concered with the floor I was expecting a more prominent bathtub design, like Coleman.

Has anybody had any issues with water leaking in?

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Hey John,

This tent has lots of big surface areas, and lets face it, it's easy to not get the fly on tight or with enough separation between it and the shell, especially given that most people laze out when it comes to guying out the tent, even when the weather totally calls for it. Opinions also don't necessarily translate into good and proper tent pitching skills. Did anybody pinpoint the source of the leaks, or were they maybe mistaking condensation for leakage? All the reviews here look pretty solid and glowing, and seem to generally indicate no leaking worth mentioning.

I wouldn't worry about the floor seams- they're taped. You should set up in the yard and take the nozzle and hose to it. You're own testing is going to quickly show you if and where you have any problems. Hope that helped.

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I had this tent leak on me but, it was my fault as I forgot to cinch down the fly causeing the overhang to angle down. Since the fly on this tent doesn't have a vestibule (optional add on) and doesn't comletely cover the outside of the tent (see pics) it is crucial that the overhang over the doors is properly staked, cinched and even guyed to force the water to run down the fly. I'm guessing operator error caused most others to have leaks. I also think the additional vestibule will help.