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I bought these shoes and am generally very...

I bought these shoes and am generally very pleased! they are so comfortable and light. However I broke a couple of toes on my right foot this year (on some gym equipment, I was barefoot, literally, not a good idea...) anyway, these toes are slightly malformed now and rub in just about any shoe I wear. should I buy a 1/2 size larger to accommodate? If so, will they fit the rest of my foot? I already have a slightly narrow foot, so my heel doesn't stay in some shoes if I buy a bigger size. It's like I need a 1/2 size larger shoe for just the toes on my right foot

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Some specialty running stores will allow you to mismatch sizes for an extra $20 or so, but it's probably not the best idea. My third toes on both feet point slightly outward, and so they rub in a number of my shoes. The answer is duct tape. Just cut a small piece to fit around the end of each toe, and it'll cut down on the rubbing and discomfort. Works for me anyway.

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My suggestion would be for both of you to have shoes made for you!!! Than you and your feet will smile :)