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I bought the L/XL contacts but i am getting...

I bought the L/XL contacts but i am getting a ton of toe and heel hang on regular width boards, I have size 12 boot. I have ride DH2 Wide 159 and a capita Indoor Survival FK 158, The contacts (L/XL) are sicc with the Ride. Should I buy a pair of the forces (M/L) for the capita?

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I'd stay with L/XL, I've got 11.5 boots and that's what I ride in Unions. Without a wide board your feet will drag like crazy, its the board not the bindings.

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your feet are going to drag regardless of the binding size homie!!! its not how long the bindings are its how long the board is. I ride a size 11 boot and i get some heel drag but i dont ride a wide board if i did i wouldnt get heel drag anymore. When you step your foot size up you got to step that board width up!