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I am wondering whether this would be a...

I am wondering whether this would be a good 1st harness for somebody just starting out to sport climb? Thanks.

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Bala,I assume your looking for a mens harness??? This harness is more suited for students or gyms where the basics are being focused on, or for top roping. Sport climbing requires gear loops for your draws. I recommend the B.D. Momentum harness, its for the guys, comparable in price and has what you need, link is below. Keep in mind, climbing harnesses are alot like climbing shoes, size them appropriately. You may want to visit a local retailer that sells harnesses to make sure you get the correct fit, and please remember that hangers are not for fingers...My climbing team at school had these for years, for god's sake please don't inflict them on anyone else. They are unbelievably uncomfortable and get tangled all the time. I'm not sure why James assumed you were looking for a men's harness, but if you are, get the Momentum or Momentum AL (Adjustable Leg). If it's for a woman, the Primrose AL. There really is no good reason, in my opinion, to buy this harness

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"They are unbelievably uncomfortable and get tangled all the time"

I second this.

They use these in my gym and I also hate them, but they last forever (figure of speech) and that's why my gym and your climbing team has used them for years and years.