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I am wondering about the sizing of these...

I am wondering about the sizing of these boots. I wear a 28.5 in the Scarpa T2X with the wrap around them liners and they are a good performance fit. I would like the T4 for more general touring so perhaps a more comfy fit would be good. I am thinking a 29 in the T4? My street shoe size is an 11

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You may be a 28.5 in this boot, too. I'm an 11.5, and I ended up with the 29.0. After a few wears, the liner will slightly shape to your foot.

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The 28.5 and 29 use the same plastic outer shell, so you there isn't a huge difference--the 29 jsut uses a thinner liner in the same shell. I tend to prefer a looser fit for touring. My resort boots are 29.5 and a tight performance fit, but my touring boots are 30.5, a whole shell size bigger. If 28.5 is a performance fit, I doubt that 29 is going to feel too big for touring. You might even like 29.5 for touring--fit them like heavy hiking boots for touring to avoid heel blisters. If you go with the 29 and they feel loose, you can probably fix that with socks and insoles.