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I am very interested in this pack, but I...

I am very interested in this pack, but I have no idea what size to get. I'm pretty skinny with fairly narrow shoulders, but I'm kind of tall for my overall size (5'8"), and I'm still young, so I've got some room to go. What size should I be looking at? And another question, I'm really into climbing, but still want a pack I can use for regular backpacking and skiing. Would this pack work for that also?

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Sizing is generally related to torso length, since the measurements are working to correlate the shoulder straps with the hip belt. If your height is mostly in your upper body, I'd venture you could get away with either a medium adjusted to its upper limits, or work with a large cranked down until you grow into it... presuming you've got another five or six inches of height coming. If not, the medium is probably your best bet. As for the capacity, I find 3000 is a bit on the low side for much more than a weekend backpacking trip, unless you have some very compressible gear, or are rolling ultralight. But with some creative strapping, I think this pack could do all you want it to decently.