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I am using US7 burton progression. how is...

I am using US7 burton progression. how is this boots compared to that of mine?? i actually bought ride anthem boa US7 too but being few soft flex it actually hurts my feet and i tried two different binding too and it hurt on both (07 super titan and an old salomon that I can't remember the brand). It's very hard to find a good fit too. I usually wear 24cm, us6 but not many boots come in that size though i have no problem with the rental burton progression except it feels very bulky

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The boot will be built around a similar last to the progression boot. however, the ruler will be much, much lighter weight as its made out of better materials, will be a medium flexing boot, and really responsive.

The progression boots are made for rental applications so they are made to be ridden by a million different people and take a beating. They are built bulky on purpose.

You will not be disappointed with the flex or feel of the ruler. STOKED!