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I am tying to decide between these and the...

I am tying to decide between these and the pythons. I boulder inside during school and sport outside in the summer. I heard these are insensitive, which I hate, which is why I would go for the pythons. Also how aggressive are these? Some sources say very aggressive while others say flat. FYI I wear the mythos right now.

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If you have the Mythos, you'll really like the pythons. They're super comfortable and very good for both what want them for. In regards to these, I can't say that I've heard anything bad about them .

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anybody else have any experience with both?

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Yes, your going to want the pythons. I had the old version of the Miuras (older rubber formula and different logo) and feel that the pythons are the better shoe, except on long routes. Although like Alexander said, I've never heard anyone complain about the Miura.
Start out slightly aggressive but flatten over time.
My pair were decently sensitive, but now they updated to the XS Edge rubber, which I don't like at all.
Sized down they are pretty aggressive, but you might as well buy them in a comfortably tight size because of the X last thing which will tension the toe box as you toe in.
They are very sensitive, and use the XS Grip 2 rubber which is much stickier in my opinion, but wears out faster.

In the end they're both great shoes and will serve you well. So go with whichever feels best
if you want the best of both... i hear the mago is pretty sick...

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Thanks for the great answer