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I am trying to decide between this bag &...

I am trying to decide between this bag & the new RAB Neutrino 400 or 600 bags (I have just purchased, but not yet used, a RAB Neutrino Endurance downie & it looks excellent). The Marmot by dimension seems to be a lot roomier, a comment some have made regarding this bag; not sure if I think this is a good thing as it equates to more air flow, particularly with no draft collar & probably meaning a colder bag? The RAB's seem to be a lot slimmer cut (truer mummy shape) & hence are probably more efficient? Can someone comment on this please? Also, how would people rate the outer fabrics of the 2 bags, the Membrain sounds like it is near waterproof yet the RAB's Pertex Endurance is pretty close to waterproof. As there are no reviews on these RAB bags yet any commenst / descriptions would be very useful in helping me decide. Thanks :-)

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This "Marmot" is not slim for it to b hot in a coold days...I'll take th"Rab"