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I am trying to decide between the Alpinlite...

I am trying to decide between the Alpinlite and Ultralite. I am a side sleeper and toss and turn throughout the night. Avg build guy at 5'9" 160 lbs. Which would you recommend?

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Sounds like the Aplinlite would be to big for you.

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Do you prefer a little more room for tossing and turning inside the bag or for the bag to move with you as you toss and turn? If you prefer inside the bag, go Alpinlite. If you want the bag to toss and turn with you, Ultralite.

You'll fit fine in both, but the Ultralite is a true mummy bag and the Alpinlite will be a little more roomy but have more internal "dead" space to heat up--so it'll have more down and more fabric and be an ounce or two heavier...

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Thanks for the quick responses. I normally am a warm sleeper so the empty space is okay. I prefer to have the room when I do toss and turn. The true mummy would be a little to compact I guess. Thanks looks like I will go with the alpinlite.