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I am traveling to a foreign country with...

I am traveling to a foreign country with my two year old and the water is not safe to drink. He has a bad habit of getting bath water in his mouth. Could I treat the water with these and then feel safe if he get some in his mouth? How long should it sit in the water? Will it be ok for his skin? Can we wash dishes with the water that has been purified with these?

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You're going to blaze through enormous amounts of tablets and money in the bath (1 tablet per liter), and by the time they treat for all possible contaminants (15 minutes-4 hours, depending on the type), the water is going to be no more than tepid, at best. Given that he's two, you may want to bathe him yourself so you can keep him from getting the water in his mouth, and limit the bathing, instead keeping up hygiene by using antimocrobial wipes whenever possible. Most municipal water supplies in the US use some form of chlorination, as do swimming pools, and these tablets are for potable water, but repeated and prolonged, concentrated soakings and steam isn't something I would want to expose my kids to. In the kitchen sink, a good antibacterial dish soap, along with as hot a water as you can stand and drying thoroughly should do the trick on the dishes. If available, the dishwasher is going to be the best solution though. Great question, but it sounds like this one falls to Mom and her magic washcloth.