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I am tossing up between the Covert and the...

I am tossing up between the Covert and the Revelation Avalung Packs. I would like a pack that can do full day bc trips, with a bit of gear (I often carry a larger camera and a few other non-essentials), but will also double as a general-use backpack for international ski trips - something that I can load up with my laptop, books and other travel bits and pieces when flying. I am concerned the Covert may be a little small for my general-purpose needs, but then I'm also concerned the Revelation may be a little too 'streamlined' for general purpose. Anyone used either of these packs for travelling as well as skiing? I love BD gear and really want the Avalung without the hassles of having to 'convert' some other brand of pack to hold the standalone Avalung. All feedback appreciated.