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I am torn between the Hubba and the Hubba...

I am torn between the Hubba and the Hubba Hubba. I'm new to bike touring this year and will be buying my first tent. I doubt I will ever need to sleep 2 people, but you never know. Has anyone gotten the Hubba Hubba and wished they had just gotten the hubba?

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I guess these aren't like forums. No one comes back to answer or follow up.

I saw the price increase on these tents, I should have bought one a month ago when the were 20% the OLD price!! I found a Hubba and a Hubba Hubba in a local store with the old prices ($249 / $299) - I got the Hubba because 99% of the time I will be on my own or with others that have their own tents. It was easy to set up in my house and it was easy to get in and out of even for me at 56 years old.

I have three bike tours planned so far for this year, the longest being a one week ride in June. the other two are later in the year. I will be going on a couple of over nights in the Spring just to test out gear, etc...and to have some fun.

If I still have this page bookmarked when I get back, I'll let you know how I did with the Hubba.

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still waiting mike...

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I don't use mine for biking but just bought the Hubba Hubba (2-person). If you like having some extra space inside the tent for miscellaneous items AND the weight is not an issue for you, go with the two-person. I like to have a few personal items with me in the tent and if I had bought the 1-person model, it wouldn't have allowed for it. If you just want to crawl in and sleep, the 1-person will likely do the trick.

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Well it looks like I am about a year too late here but I will just respond hoping it will help the next person. I would have gone with the Hubba Hubba. That is the tent that I own but I have also used the Hubba. For the way that you'll be using the tent, you'll appreciate having the extra room for gear storage. There is some storage under the vestibule on both models, but that area is not completely protected from weather like the inside of the tent is. For me, a little extra weight and money is worth it if it means my gear stays dry.