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I am planning a thru-hike of the Pacific...

I am planning a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail starting next April (2013), and was wondering was people's experiences were with this watch and its battery life. Off to the side under the specifications, it states that as being 50 hours, but that seems like an awfully short amount of time if you are actually going to be using it on a day to day basis. I guess, my question is, would it be worthwhile to invest in this watch, or would I be better off finding something that has a longer battery life so as to not have to worry about needing to charge the device often, or at all?

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The battery duration on a single charge depends on how Suunto Ambit is used. The duration ranges from 15 to 50 hours or more. With basic watch functionality this can be up to 30 days

Battery duration (single charge):
~ 15 hours with 1 sec GPS fix*
~ 50 hours with 60 sec GPS fix*
~ 30 days in ALTI/BARO/COMPASS mode (without GPS)