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I am planing on buying a pair of Sideseth...

I am planing on buying a pair of Sideseth but im stuck in some decision making.
First of all i dont know if i should go for the 181 or 188. Im currently on a pair of 181 sidestash but i would like the sideseth to be my big mountain ski, but still "nimble" (as a big mountain ski can get)
Im not sure where to mount either. Im thinking of factory, even though i dont know where to mount. My buddy mounted his 181 Obsethed +4. Need help fast, gona buy them this week, and ski next weekend :)

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im 180/5�8
70/30 open/trees.

Got my 181 sidestash aswell.

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This ski is no where near the obsethed as far as mounting points. You have 1cm forward of traditional and thats it, otherwise you will have significant tip dive. Go for the 188.