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I am new to camping, but I am looking to...

I am new to camping, but I am looking to buy a quality sleeping bag that I might also use for backpacking. My friend recommended Montbell. These are probably dumb questions, but how do I find out what length I get? How much extra room should be at the bottom? I am 5'6". Also, what do you do if you get too hot? Just unzip the bag?

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Montbell is good, I prefer Marmot, but to each his own. If you're 5'6", you want a regular length, size Long sleeping bags are made for people over 6'. And yep, when you're camping i warmer weather, you can just unzip the bag and you'll cool off considerably.

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REI has Marmont Helium on sale too...why do you like Marmot better?

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The helium is a great bag. I've just had very good experiences in the past with Marmot, and I own several items from them. I've used Montbell stuff before, but still prefer my Marmot alternatives.

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I would recommend the Montbell over the Marmot. Marmot makes very high quality bags(I own an older marmot) but the Montbell Spiral is one of the best on the market. I like the flex of the bag, performance and craftsmanship. At 5 foot 6 inches the regular should be adequate. If you have dead space at your feet then you can put your clothes down there to keep them
warm and avoid a cold spot. Best of luck to you.