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I am looking to get the Swift boots in a...

I am looking to get the Swift boots in a size 26 or 26.5

I found that the sole lengths for the above sizes on the BD website show a size 300mm.

I would like to use the Fritschi Diamir Freeride for my bindings
and saw that the:

short fit 245mm-300mm.

Medium fits 280mm - 335mm

Diamir's website recommends going with the smallest binding possible.

That said, can I use this boot in a size 26/26.5 and go with the short size?

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Farren, you can go with either, but if I were you I would snag the medium Fritschi Freeride binding because you may use that binder with other boots or for a longer time than you use these boots. The Medium should give you flexibility to change boots, loan your skis out to a bit wider range of people, etc. It is always nicer to be in the middle of the size range than at the very end in terms of flexibility. My two cents.

The Marker F10 and F12 bindings are also good options and you'd be squarely in a small with those binders. Or do it right and pair that boot with some Dynafits for the ultimate touring setup.