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I am looking for a pack/haul bag for...

I am looking for a pack/haul bag for multi-pitch free routes using my silent partner. I was thinking this might be a good pack to feed my rope out of on hanging belays. Any opinions?

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I think a haul bag would be overkill if what you really want is a rope bag. You'd have to haul this up after you jumar (you wouldn't want to jumar with it on your back). If you use a rope bag or backpack, you could probably jumar while wearing it, and save yourself the extra step of hauling.

You might check out:

Or longer list at:

I personally use a pair of Ikea shopping bags. They're light, durable, and cheap.

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Thanks for the advice. I checked out the Metolius pack and think that might be more up my alley since it is smaller. I have a 30-45 minute approach to the walls I intend to climb at in western NC so I would like to have something I can carry on my back versus the rope bucket design. I also prefer to free climb the lead pitches on top rope versus jumaring. My only concern is how well the rope will feed out of the bag while on lead.

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i have the metolius and my climbing partner has the stubby, if you want the smaller one get the metolius but if you bring lots of crap get this