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I am looking for a gps that I can use when...

I am looking for a gps that I can use when dogsledding. It needs to work in the cold and on a running (bouncing and such) sled. I need to know where I am so I can find my way back. I would also like to know how far I have come from point A to current location. A nice to have would be how fast I'm going, but not necessary.

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The official specs of the Vista have a temperature range of 5F to 158F (-15C to 70C), but I've used my Vista HCx at colder temperatures than that. Cold temps will make the GPSr take longer to acquire a satellite fix, but it will still work.

This GPSr does have all of the basic features that you would expect. You can track your path, follow the GPSr to a waypoint, etc. That would take care of knowing where you are, how to get back, and how far you've come (just mark your starting point as a waypoint). This GPSr will also tell you your speed on the compass page.

A note: Topographic maps for this GPSr are extra - they can be purchased from Garmin. The Vista does not accept data cards, so you are limited to the 24 MB of internal memory built in. That would probably be enough for most people, but if you're planning on loading a lot of maps, consider a GPSr that will accept memory cards. If you like the Vista interface, the Vista HCx accepts cards (and has a colour screen and some other features).

Good luck choosing!