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I am looking at purchasing my first cook...

I am looking at purchasing my first cook set. I am torn between the Jetboil GCS and the Optimus Crux Terra Weekend HE. I will be cooking for 1-3 people at a given time. Which would you suggest? Is there another stove that would be even better for a first time buy than these two? I appreciate your input. Thanks.

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This is a pretty nice set for the price/ weight.... I have the pot, but not the stove. If you're wanting to cook for more than one person, it's gonna be kind of time consuming. If ya got the time, it's no problem. You might want to look into the GSI Halulite Microdualist cook set for more than one person. No stove, but excellent pot set. Hope this helps.

Here is the link to the microdualist:

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T- If you're going to be cooking for 2-3 people I'd recommend the Jetboil GCS over this. I have both systems and one thing I love about the GCS when cooking for 2-3 people is that you have more width in the pot than you do with the Optimus pot. I know it may not seem like a huge deal but it makes preparing meals much easier. I keep looking for something lighter than the GCS but has the same size and I just can't find a replacement for it. Even though it weighs more I'd take the GCS over anything else. Hope this helps!

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I have this cookset (stove too) and would not suggest cooking for more than one person with it. I have cooked for two before and although it isn't the end of the world, after a long day you just want to eat your damn food! I purchased the following cookset off SAC for a bargain, but even at $47 or whatever, not bad:
I would suggest something that size if you'll be cooking for two. I also tend to use the larger cookset solo in the winter, it makes melting snow easier and allows more hot water for tea, bottles, food, etc. I love the terra solo, but the name kind of says it all, hope that helped.

Happy Ts!

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Use the Crux Lite over the is far better at "cooking" and boils water equally well. I'd just add a larger pot to this set if I was going to be using it for 2-3 poeple...perhaps a Snow Peak Trek 900 for two and/or a Trek 1400 for three.

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I also have the Dualist and its perfect for 2 to 4 people, but the packed unit is a little bigger.