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I am looking at getting a pair of boosters...

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I am looking at getting a pair of boosters for bouldering. No one has them to try on in South Australia so i have to buy them without trying them on. I wear like a size 42.5 - 43 street shoe and my evolv's are a 42.5 and fit tight. What booster size should i get, i want them to be tight but not unbarable

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You'll want to downsize 1-2 sizes from your street shoe size.

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Is there any Scarpa climbing shoes available for sizing in your area? I have found that many of the manufacturing use roughly the same sole size. I would think trying on a similar Scarpa would give you a rough estimate of where your foot would be as far as sizing for the booster. Hope that helped, and good luck!!

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I wear 42 street shoes and my boosters are a 381/2. The break in period is painful but once you get them worked in a bit they're an amazing shoe. The heel is meant to stretch a TON so even if they seem small (I would recommend 39's for yourself) they will eventually break in (probably 2 weeks of solid climbing). They should feel like ballet shoes when you put them on and you should want to rip them off after every run on the wall.

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i can try on a pair of thunders but they are pretty much a completely different shoe to the booster.

I reckon i will get a 40-41 nothing too small but not overly big either

cheers for the help people