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I am hoping you can help me determine boot...

I am hoping you can help me determine boot center on a pair of movement goliaths 191 cm - green top sheets. there is a not a prominent arrow or slashes near serial number (like on others I have had)there is the 6 digit serial number, seems like a dark mark over the 3rd digit. there is also the + sign in the apple says cts, or there is a faint white slash a few centiimetrs back from the apple and serial number. which do i use and is there a way i can check by measuring off tip and tail? thanks

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Paul, with questions like this you're going to get the best answer directly from movement at Email them and they will get back to you within a day or two.

Here's what another user on a different forum has to say on the same topic:

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:07 pm Post subject:
I don't have the skis in front of me since I'm at work. If my memory is right, on my Trusts and Tattoos the mark is on the topsheet near the apple on the left side (tip forward) with the serial number a slash an arrow (boot center mark) a second slash then a "3.5 Ø" (mark for drill diamerter) and reminder to use 3.5 mm drill bits since these are all-wood cores.

Something like:

432523 /↑ /3.5 Ø

I have had good luck on several different pair of Movement Skis (Thunder, Freeheel, Black Rose, Sluff) mounting my tele bindings boot center on the alpine mark. I will do the same on my new Trusts and Tattoos. I will be mounting NTNs using binding freedom inserts.