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I am going to be going to Europe, and want...

I am going to be going to Europe, and want a good long distance walking flip-flop. How does this fair with hilly hiking, and 5+ mile city walking?

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It really depends upon whether you have experience in walking long distances in flip-flops. If you have experience in doing so, then I would say that this is a good choice (it's a little more stable on the foot than normal flip-flops, has decent traction, and the toe protection is nice).

Having said this, I will say that for long distance walking or hiking, I prefer a sandal with a heel strap (there's less chance of losing a shoe, and it seems easier on the foot). The Keen Venice and Keen Newport can work well for this, as can the Chaco Z/1 or Chaco Z/2 (personally, I prefer the Venice, but have hiked in all of them). If you are sure that you don't want a backstrap, consider the Chaco Hipthong (or the Chaco Zong, if it is still available).